Seals with sensors

I was part of a seal-tagging fieldwork campaign in Kerguelen back in 2016/2017, visit for more informations. The pictures I took have been used to illustrate scientific publications in peer reviewed journals and stories in traditional medias :

- Cover of the journal Geophysical Research Letters Volume 45 - Issue 18 for the paper Pauthenet et al. (2018).

- Press release of Siegelman et al. (2019b) Nature Geoscience, relayed in several outlets including, Nasa JPL , , Libération,,, ABC News, The Register, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Notimerica, Indica,,, Smithsonianmag, Popular Mechanics, TW News UK, What’s New 2 day,, Futura Sciences, Presse Citron, Jornada, News 18, Gigazine Japan, Inverse,, LAD Bible, Republic World, Mashable India…

- Press release of Siegelman et al. (2019a) Nature Scientific Report, relayed by and

- Article for the European Geoscience Union Blog “Crowned elephant seals do citizen science”.

- Cover of the European Geoscience Union social networks and monthly newsletter (November 2018).

- Article about my PhD ”Oceanographic research in cooperation with seals”

- Article about my PhD”Elefantsalar i oceanografernas tjanst” on

Siegelman et al. (2019a). Submesoscale ocean fronts act as biological hotspot for southern elephant seal. Scientific reports.

Siegelman et al. (2019b). Enhanced upward heat transport at deep submesoscale ocean fronts. Nature Geoscience.

Pauthenet et al. (2018). Seasonal meandering of the Polar Front upstream of the Kerguelen Plateau. Geophysical Research Letters.

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