I am an oceanographer interested in the variation of ocean properties at seasonal to inter annual timescale, mainly in the Southern Ocean. My main body of work focuses on decomposing hydrographic profiles into modes, which has applications for water masses identification and frontal structure detection. I also took part in the calibration of profiles sampled by animal-borne CTD tags which are the main source of data in the polar regions.

Here is a list of my publications :


Auger M., Sallée J-B., Thompson AF.,  Pauthenet E., Prandi P. Southern Ocean ice-covered Eddy properties from satellite altimetry. (submitted to JGR Oceans)

Akhoudas C., Sallée JB., Reverdin G., Haumann A., Pauthenet E., Chapman C., Margirier F., LoMonaco C., Metzl N., Meilland J., Stranne C. Isotopic evidence for an intensified hydrological cycle in the Indian sector of the Southern Ocean. (submitted to Nature Communications)

Vignes L., Sallée JB., Ryan S., Pauthenet E., Miniere A., Hausmann U. Wintertime entrainment of subsurface waters into the surface ocean extracts heat from the Antarctic continental shelf in the southern Weddell Sea. (submitted to JGR Oceans)



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[11] Thomas S., Jones D., Faul A., Mackie E., Pauthenet E., Defining Southern Ocean fronts using unsupervised classification.
Ocean Science [READ]

[10] Kolbe M., Roquet F., Pauthenet E., Nerini D. (2021), Impact of Thermohaline Variability on Sea Level Changes in the Southern Ocean.
Journal of Geophysical Research : Oceans [READ]

[9] Sallée JB., Pellichero V., Akhoudas C., Pauthenet E., Vignes L., Schmidtko S., Naveira Garabato A., Sutherland P., Kuusela M. (2021), Summertime increases in upper ocean stratification and mixed layer depth.
Nature. [READ]

[8] Pauthenet E., Sallee JB., Schmidtko S., Nerini D. (2021), Seasonal variation of the Antarctic Slope Front occurence and position estimated from an interpolated hydrographic climatology.
Journal of Physical Oceanography. [READ]


[7] Pauthenet E., Roquet F., Madec G., Sallée JB., Nerini D. (2019), The thermohaline modes of the global ocean.
Journal of Physical Oceanography. [READ]

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Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology. [READ]


[5] Pauthenet E. (2018), Unraveling the thermohaline structure of the Southern Ocean using functional data analysis. Dissertation thesis of Stockholm University. [READ]

[4] Pauthenet E., Roquet F., Madec G., Guinet C., Hindell M., McMahon C., Harcourt R., Nerini D. (2018), Seasonal meandering of the Polar Front upstream of the Kerguelen Plateau.
Geophysical Research Letters. [READ] [GRL Cover]

[3] Mensah V., Roquet F., Siegelman L., Picard B., Pauthenet E., Guinet C. (2018), A correction for the thermal mass induced-errors of CTD tags mounted on marine mammals.
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology. [READ]


[2] Pauthenet E., Roquet F., Madec G., Nerini D. (2017), A linear decomposition of the Southern Ocean thermohaline structure.
Journal of Physical Oceanography. [READ]

[1] Chambault P., Roquet F., Benhamou S., Baudena A., Pauthenet E.,[...], Crasson R. (2017), The Gulf Stream frontal system : a key oceanographic feature in the selection of foraging habitats by the leatherback turtle ?
Deep-Sea Research Part I. [READ]

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